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A game with React Native

A have written [a game]( (Senha - Mastermind) with React Native and TypeScript and deployed it in the [Google Play store]( The game is translated to Portuguese and English. It's the first mobile app I've made and I liked the result (final app, code and development process). It's surely much... [Read More]

Node.js Firebird Drivers

I'm pleased to announce the initial release of my Firebird drivers projects for Node.js. - You said projects? - Yes! The work is split in three projects, as described below. # node-firebird-driver-native Firebird high-level native client for Node.js / TypeScript ([github]( / [npm]( This is the more interesting project for... [Read More]

Pausable observable with KnockoutJS

Sometimes when working with [Knockout]( you may be in a situation when you want to update a set of observables without delivering notifications to they subscribers (explicitly or by computed observables) as soon each observable is changed. This happens especially when you're using the [mapping plugin]( or something similar. However,... [Read More]

Node.js Firebird API

I started a personal project to create a Node.js Firebird driver based on the FB 3 OO API. Why another driver if there are others? Althrough it's a manual work for now as I understand the technology, the idea is to generate the driver based in the cloop interface file... [Read More]

JavaScript x Java - closures e lambdas

Em geral as linguagens de programação são bem parecidas e por esse motivo acho fácil aprender novas linguagens. E o que dizer então quando uma se chama Java e a outra JavaScript? :smiley: Ultimamente tenho programado bastante em JavaScript. Apesar de não conhecer ainda todos os detalhes da linguagem, tenho... [Read More]