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Beautiful fonts in Ubuntu

In the old days, fonts in Linux were really ugly by default. There are patents involved, so it was possible to make them beautiful recompiling freetype with some options.Since some time, this is not necessary.But if you're like me, you may note that some fonts are very blurry in some... [Read More]

Ubuntu Natty Narwhal in VMware

Here are some tips to use Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal on VMware.First upgrade the host vmware (player) to the latest (3.1.4) version. Although the release notes mention nothing on Natty, the vmware-tools from this version compiles ok on the Natty kernel.You may have some luck with the open-vm-tools. I didn't... [Read More]

Ubuntu 9.10 review

I've upgraded Ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10, and here is what I found about it. At upgrade start, it asked about keyboard. Surprisingly, it has nothing about Brazilian keyboards and I choose to maintain "kernel keymaps" without know what exactly that is and why that keyboard popup appeared. During the upgrade,... [Read More]