A game with React Native

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A have written a game (Senha - Mastermind) with React Native and TypeScript and deployed it in the Google Play store.

The game is translated to Portuguese and English. It's the first mobile app I've made and I liked the result (final app, code and development process). It's surely much more fun to write than with Java / Android Studio (and Swift / Xcode).

Senha - Mastermind for Android

In each match a secret is randomly chosen and you need to guess the colors in the right sequence.

After each try are shown hints of how near you are. Black pins means the count of colors in the right position. White pins means the count of correct colors but in wrong positions.

You need to put the four colors in the correct positions to win.

I liked to play the physical version of this game when I was a child 😃.

Senha - Grow