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Pausable observable with KnockoutJS

Sometimes when working with Knockout you may be in a situation when you want to update a set of observables without delivering notifications to they subscribers (explicitly or by computed observables) as soon each observable is changed. This happens especially when you’re using the mapping plugin or something... [Read More]

Node.js Firebird API

I started a personal (*) project to create a Node.js Firebird driver based on the FB 3 OO API. (*) A personal project because Firebird admins is not interested in this technology. So bad! Why another driver if there are others? Althrough it’s a manual work for now as I... [Read More]

Funny Firebird operators

Here is a table with Firebird operators you probably don’t know that exist: Funny Standard equivalent x !< y not (x < y) x ^< y not (x < y) x ~< y [Read More]

Blogging with Jekyll and Github

I’ve migrated the old blog to this new platform. It uses Jekyll and is hosted in github. The blog’s source code is in a private repository and I’ll only push the generated content to the github repository. I did manually converted some old posts from Blogger to markdown... [Read More]

JavaScript x Java - closures e lambdas

Em geral as linguagens de programação são bem parecidas e por esse motivo acho fácil aprender novas linguagens. E o que dizer então quando uma se chama Java e a outra JavaScript? :smiley: Ultimamente tenho programado bastante em JavaScript. Apesar de não conhecer ainda todos os detalhes da linguagem, tenho... [Read More]

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